La logica del complotto vista da Formal Concept Analysis e Text Mining

La tecnologia divertente è interessante. Molto spesso le mode e il fascino del tecnicismo porta a mettere in secondo piano il fatto che, in fondo, sono i risultati che interessano in un’elaborazione. In Elif Lab sperimentiamo molto con diverse tecniche per raggiungere risultati utili e, speriamo, originali rispetto al panorama tech. Una delle nostre aree di […]

The ALDE booming on Wikipedia Italia

Last Sunday, Beppe Grillo, the leader of the Italian 5 Star Movement started an “online referendum” on his blog, asking the supporters whether or not the Movement had to leave the eurosceptic EFDD group in the European Parliament and join the liberal one, the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe, led by Guy Verhofstadt.According to Grillo, 78.5% of the Movement’s supporters […]

What were the Italians thinking about on the voting day: Wikipedia data says pencils and Heather Parisi

After having acknowledged the results of the Italian Constitutional referendum during the night of December 4th, many European pundits described the vote as a vote against Europe.Just for fun (yes, we are weird… for more weirdness visit our website we checked if something related to Europe could be traceable analyzing the most viewed pages on Wikipedia Italia from the 21st of […]