Completing the picture: EU media outlets, journalists and politicians.

During the last weeks we saw all the different communities generated analyzing the MEPs’ connections on Twitter.You can find our old posts HERE. If you still don’t know who we are, check our corporate website Elif Lab and our project on the European institutions ThinkingAboutEU. Now it’s time for some conclusions.In order to do so, we will briefly expose some […]

Exploring MEPs’ connections on Twitter. Episode 3: Spain, Netherlands and Sweden

Welcome to the 3rd episode of our MEPs’ connections series. It the first two episodes (you can read them here), we analyzed the Greek, the French, the Polish, the Italian and the Danish communities.In this third one we will focus on the Spanish, the Dutch and the Swedish ones. If you’ve read the first two posts, you probably already know our […]

Exploring MEPs’ connections on Twitter: the Polish, the Italian and the Danish community

In the first episode of our MEPs’ communities series (you can find it here) we explained briefly the methodology we are using to analyze which accounts the Members of the European Parliament (or, less poetically, the staff managing their social media 🙂 ) consider worth following. In short: we are Elif Lab and we are working on a project called ThinkingAbout.EU that […]

Analyzing MEPs’ connections on Twitter: who’s worth following?

To perform our analyses for ThinkingAbout.EU, we collected a list of 643 Twitter accounts that covers the presence on the social network of the 751 Members of the European Parliament currently in office (huge thanks to @raimondiand for his help). Once we had a complete list (that you can find on our Github), we decided to check all the accounts followed […]